Pet Memorials
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Sam The Man From Hinkley
1/18/2004 - 11/12/2016Sam your where one of a kind. Big, strong, wise boy. You watched over me like no other. You where the most gentle soul I have ever known. We only had 7 years together but they where the best. I spent more time with you than any human. I miss you so very much. It's been almost 4 months since you left for the Bridge. I still cry everyday because life seems so empty without you. Miss you more than you will ever know.
Jo Ann KemberlingWrightwood, CaliforniaMarch 6, 2017
2/23/2003 - 11/27/2016SWEET GRACIE GIRL-You were so brave and loyal right up to the very end! we hated to see you suffer but just couldn't imagine our life without you so we kept hoping that "things" would change, even though Dr.Ron explained that congestive heart failure doesn't get better. True to your Labrador nature, you even ate some steak the morning that you died! At first, we thought that meant that you had more time but as the day went on and your paws swelled more and more and you couldn't lay down by the fire, we knew that we had to let you go to end your suffering. That was the hardest call ever!! I really kept hoping that this was all a bad dream that I was having.

you were the BEST GIRL EVER and we will LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Everyone on our street loved you, too. And you loved everyone, even if they didn't want to play with you!
carol Hoefercrystal lake, IllinoisMarch 6, 2017
9/2/2002 - 3/2/2017We miss you Nemo,.Thank you for the infinite love and protection you gave us.Cam NgoSt.Petersburg, FloridaMarch 5, 2017
12/15/2000 - 3/4/2017Brutie, we will miss your "cat like dogness". All you wanted was your water bowl full, your food bowl full, to be let out and in when you wanted and then to go away and leave you along. You always thought more than three humans in your house was a crowd and you didn't like crowds. We will miss sitting on the patio watching you watch everyone on the bike trail. We are certain a lot of the regulars will ask about you this spring. It's going to be difficult to tell them you will not be "greeting" them any longer.
But you are pain free and you are running and jumping and you no longer will be on a lead. Go have fun, Brutie Boy. Have fun and run like the wind! Run through the woods and through the creek! One day we will be together again, over the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you so much my heart hurts.
Love you,
Pamela CongerLebanon, OhioMarch 5, 2017
1/1/2010 - 2/27/2017My sweet StellaBella. I have never known a soul so pure, kind and loving.Valerie MonismithGermantown, TennesseeMarch 5, 2017
12/17/2002 - 03/03/2017To my beautiful Savannah. I am sorry we are not together. You were in so much pain, I could not watch you go on and know I could help you. We always called you "The Best Dog in the World" and you will always be. I miss you more than you can imagine and I would give anything to have you laying on the coach with me. I love you forever.Susan ShomperOviedo, FloridaMarch 4, 2017
5/13/2004 - 3/2/2017In loving memory of my DEAR Sweet Cozmo... You have held a special place in our hearts & always will! Although you had your share of health issues over the years, you always had the most happy , caring nature over your almost 13 years here with us.. We dealt with all your allergies, over the years, & managed to find foods that you could tolerate.. Venison being your favorite, and your duck jerky treats. and your daily benadryl hidden in a piece of turkey to help with your seasonal allergies , but took it all in stride giving daddy his nightly BIG hug on his chair watching tv & my every morning kiss on my ear telling me it was time to wake up & go out to pee.

Then came the heart murmur.. for a few years all was ok, but then saw you tiring so fast, then the cough. put you on the medications they use for this, but know that you being you could not tolerate these meds. As we tried but soon found I was right... No eating, etc. & constant itching.. You were too sensitive & special to us to see you suffer with all the allergic reactions, & know we did the right thing... You gave me that "Look" in your eyes & my kiss on my ear that day & I know you were telling me , although you would try to keep up the best you could, you were VERY Tired..
I will love you forever, as I have had such an emotional connection to you since we or I should say YOU picked us out way back when , when you we only 2 days old.
Maureen SousaTewksbury, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2017
1/3/2001 - 3/3/2017Lily dog. Our lover girl. It was 16 years ago and 3 months to the day that you came into this world. Little did I know how much my life would change when I adopted you from my next door neighbor in Altadena. I'll never forget the first time you met Warren. You sat between us and totally knew...he was the real deal. You jumped up, gave him a huge kiss and his heart melted. So did mine. From that day forward we've been a family. Man, have we had some adventures together! I love how you were always so excited to get in the car to go for a ride. Our road trips were the best. You'd get so worked up about the idea, we even had to pull you out of a few of our friends' cars a few times in the driveway. You were the best hostess welcoming friends to our house, and they always knew how happy you were to see them. When Warren and I would dance in the kitchen, you'd do your doggie dance and join in. No matter if we were away from you for five minutes or five days, you unfailingly greeted us with so much joy and love. And shoes. You always brought us a shoe...or two. And you made me laugh every time you'd try and chase a squirrel. Thank you for keeping an eye on us. Thank you for all the marvelous mushy cuddles and the sweetest days of my life Lily dog. We've grown up together. You've seen us through so much with your pure, most unconditional and gentle love. What a gift. I will hold onto those moments forever. I'll miss going to work with you each day and seeing your face and big ears looking up at me in the studio. Now you know I'm gonna be okay. I love you my most precious angel doggie. Ciao for now. I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow. XOXOJill CooperFort Lauderdale, FloridaMarch 4, 2017
9/27/2003 - 2/28/2017Our loving Bailey will forever be in our hearts. The time came for us to say our farewells to our sweet and beautiful fur baby, Bailey. It was a beautiful and peaceful passing. I couldn't stand the thought of Bailey's last moments in this world being in a cold and scary office. The vet's office made her nervous since it was the one place she got poked and prodded. We found a wonderful vet, Dr. Tiffany Matheson, that made house visits. The morning of February 28, 2017 was a sad morning waiting for Dr. Tiffany to come knowing that these were our last moments with our sweet girl. Every time I looked at her, my eyes started to swell. She looked so peaceful resting on the couch. She had lost so much weight during her final month in our lives.

Bailey was the perfect dog with the sweetest temperament. She was strong, but gentle. She was a 50 pound lap dog and had been with me for nearly half of my life. Her fur was the color of Bailey's Irish Cream with a perfect white triangle above her tail. She was a little princess who hated getting her paws wet in the grass after it rained, but loved playing in the dirt. She first entered my life in 2003 and made the next 14 Christmases feel even more special just by being there. She had been with me as I completed high school, attended college and law school, started my career, met my loving husband, and expanded our family with the birth of Dominic.

She was always there to comfort me. I loved cuddling with her. Her snuggles always made even the worst of days feel better. She was always loyal and sweet. She loved being buried in covers while she rested on my legs.

She was such a good girl. She always thought of me as her "protector." Whenever she was scared, she always came to me to comfort her, even if I was the one yelling at her (which wasn't often). She was scared of loud noises and I sometimes made her nervous because I tend to speak loudly. She always wanted to be a "good girl." If she had an accident in the house (which wasn't her fault because we had been at work all day) or she did something she knew she wasn't supposed to do, she gave herself away because her tail would be tucked between her legs and she cowered toward us. It was her way of ratting herself out while telling us she was sorry. Her whole body started shaking if she thought I was mad at her. I could never be mad at her for more than a few seconds because all she wanted was love and affection and to please us. I would hold her until she stopped shaking and give her a trillion kisses on the top of her head while she was in my arms.

She didn't have a mean bone in her body. We could place our hands in her mouth while she gnawed on a steak bone and she would release her grip with sad, but dutiful, eyes. She always wanted to please us and loved making us happy. Dominic wasn't her favorite, but she was wonderful with him. Dominic adored her. He loved chasing her around and splashing in her water bowl. If he was upset, he only needed to see Bailey and he would start chuckling. Dominic thought Bailey was amazing.

She loved sunbathing and moonbathing and she really loved food. She hated swimming until one random day when we were at Lake Ida when she was 10 years old. We were confused at who this new water loving dog was but loved watching her excitement in the water. She hated car rides but tolerated them with grace. I think it was because she liked being in control of her movements. She wasn't fond of showers, but obliged by calmly standing there until we were finished scrubbing her clean. She would run around the house after being bathed looking for anyone to show off her clean coat to. We always gave her extra lovings after a shower so she knew being clean was something to be proud about. She hated suitcases. Whenever we brought them out to pack for a trip, she would nervously follow me around the house begging me not to leave her. She loved walks and would run to the door if we said the word. She knew the cues for when a walk or run was imminent and became very excitable and eager.

She knew she was allowed on one sofa chair in the living room, one couch in the family room if the blanket was on it and I invited her up, and our bed upon invitation. She never went on any other furniture. She respected the rules and became excited whenever I brought out the blanket for the couch. She knew I let her up in the bed with me whenever Michael was traveling for work and she would pace the bedroom whenever Michael was gone waiting for the invitation. She cuddled so sweet and comforted me while Michael was away.

We placed food on the coffee table or any other low table without ever worrying about her trying to eat it. As much as she loved food, she knew it wasn't for her. Even when food fell on the floor, she often waited until she was told she could have it before devouring it. Every morning when I put food in her bowl, she sat and waited until I told her it was time to eat. She eagerly awaited my command. She always devoured her food so quickly I often wondering if she had time to enjoy it. She knew I fed her after my shower. While I was still living at my parents house, she would stay in my bed curled under the covers until I got out of the shower. After Michael and I got married and moved in together, she would rest on the rug in the bathroom while I showered to ensure she was up and ready for when it was time to eat.

If I was on the computer, she insisted on sitting the chair with me. I always found room for the two of us to sit together. While I was in law school, it was impossible to study at home because she demanded that I pet her with both hands. If I only pet her with one hand while holding a book in the other, she would whimper until I gave her my full undivided attention. It was darling.

Once Dominic was born, it was challenging finding the right balance to express my love for Bailey with the demands of a newborn. I did my best. I hope she knows that. I invited her on the couch to cuddle with me while Dominic napped on me and while he was nursing. As Dominic grew older, Bailey became too much of a distraction for him. My snuggling time with Bailey was limited to the evenings once Dominic went to bed. We took Bailey on walks with us and always made sure to greet Bailey with excitement whenever we walked into the house.
Lenore ParrBoynton Beach, FloridaMarch 3, 2017
10/27/2007 - 2/28/2017In loving memory of Ringo
Ringo, our gentle giant. We will miss your big, sweet heart, your kind, soulful eyes, and that warm and goofy smile that always made us smile back. Although you have left our lives, your spirit and the memory of your unconditional love remains in a very special place in each of our hearts.
We will forever cherish all of the memories and good times we had together, like when we would go “bye-bye” in the car to the park, the way how you would lay down and relax when we were giving you a bath in the yard, that time you ate the strawberries we were growing in the garden, and all the laughs and smiles we shared.
We loved you from the moment you were born. What a love we shared! When we were separated we longed to see you and your brother again. We were so happy to have to opportunity to bring you and Johnny home to live out the remainder of your lives. I hope we made you happy and comfortable.
You gave us such motivation to go out and enjoy the world. We took trips many parks, the lake and the beach together. You even loved trips to the vet! As long as it involved going “bye-bye” in the car, you were excited to go!
You made us laugh so much. The way you and Johnny would howl in unison. How you loved lying in water puddles and your little pool, you barely fit into.
It broke our hearts when you got sick, but we tried our best to make your last days your best days. That final trip to Lake Houston was the best day! The sun was shining and the cool breeze coming off the lake as we relaxed under the tall pines. I know we will be reminded of that special day with you often.
When you were weak and weary, we carried you and tended to your needs. When you were in pain, we comforted you and cared for you. We wish we could have kept you here forever, but even forever would not have been long enough to have you by our side. And now, we carry the weight of our heavy, saddened hearts; but we find comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering, and that you have made it home to Heaven. You will be dearly missed, Ringo.
Marcella GonzalezHouston, TexasMarch 3, 2017