Pet Memorials

Dodger is now a lion dog in the Animal Kingdom. We miss your steadfast love. You were a part of our family for half of Lily's life, and most of Sam's life. You loved to have your head and face pet with vigor, and you growled in a silly way when we rubbed your belly. Your warm welcomes after a trip away were the best part about coming home! ...(read more)
Karin Adler
June 29, 2015
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Tina Olivieri, DVM
Dr. Tina came over when I called to tell her my beautiful stray, who had been diagnosed with liver problems in 2013, was now down to 5 lbs, had a hard time walking and started vomiting blood.
His last day was pretty good, his tail was up, he ate some food and he jumped up on his favorite pillow on the couch to get loved up. Then he peacefull...(read more)
Cheryl Frees
June 29, 2015
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