Pet Memorials

The Eyes Have It

As my puppy (dog) declined, I was waiting for the day when her eyes would be glazed over, and she would be unaware of me. Then the decision would be easy. But that never happened. She had gotten to the point where she couldn’t stand or eat. She could only rest, and her breathing was somewhat labored. But every time I started ...(read more)
Jan Wans
May 28, 2015
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Tina Olivieri, DVM
When we decided to make this difficult decision, we called Dr. Tina. She arranged to come to our home the same day. She is so kind and compassionate. She sat down with our family and carefully explained the entire procedure. Dr. Tina assured us that we were doing what was best for Max. We are very grateful for her kindness and the gentle wa...(read more)
Judy Blood
May 29, 2015
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