Pet Memorials

It has been a hard few weeks on the farm with recent losses. My sweet sweet Callie lost her fight with cancer. We only had a little over a year with this special rescue dog. It was not long enough. I will be forever grateful for my friend who saw Callie at the animal hospital and knew I would want her since we are huge cattle dog fans. She sat t...(read more)
Julie Winthrop
November 25, 2014
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Toby Goldman, DVM
Letting go of Kara Thrace was so difficult, but being able to do it in "her"spot in the family room, with her surrounded by her "puppies" and resting on my lap made it so much less traumatic. Dr. Toby was compassionate, patient, wonderful with explaining the process and very caring regarding our two small children who were there to say "good-by...(read more)
Ashley Rittman
November 26, 2014
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