Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/30/2000 - 03/15/2017Our sweet Pearl,You were so tiny when we brought you home for the first time. What a beautiful little girl you were. That is why I called you Peanut so much. Your mom and dad will and are missing you so much. We know you are finally happy with your brother Pickle and not suffering anymore. You can now snuggle with him every night. I can still feel you both next to me every night since you slept with me for 17 years. You gave us so much joy into our lives and our hearts. I hope you are sharing your sparkle balls I sent with you. They were your favorite things to play with on the bed. You could jump so high like you were flying. You will always be in our hearts.Thank you for all the memories we will always have. Mom and Dad love you.Tony and Donna CarnesAiken, S. CarolinaMarch 22, 2017
Kira Angelina
3/1/2000 - 3/21/2017Sweet Kira Angelina passed away in my arms last night at around 5 pm. I had been up with her since 5 am, hardly leaving her side, just as it had been for our near 17 years together. My step-daughters and friends and family that knew her and loved her were able to spend time with her and say farewell. We took her outside on the deck so that she could soak up the sun for a bit and feel the soft breeze. We meditated together, listened to gentle, healing music and snuggled all day. Although Kira had been very close to transitioning on her own, I am so grateful that Betsy, our hospice vet, arrived to help her finally let go with ease. I watched her take her last breaths and as I did, I looked outside where she often watched the birds, and I felt a lightness and joy in my heart, despite the tears. We chose to bury her just after dawn in a special place on our land where the sunrise and sunset are always visible and light up the sky and the earth around her. Just as we lay her body down, the sun came up over the roof and rays of light shined right over her special place. It was so beautiful.
Dear sweet Kira Angelina, "itty-bitty kitty-boo", my lap feels so empty without the weight of your soft little furry form. I miss your inquisitive meows and gentle purrs, your constant companionship, the way you looked deeply into my eyes as if to know me better than I know myself. My heart aches for you even though I know you are not truly gone. You are with us and in my heart always. I may have said it 10,000 times, and I will say it again and again: I love you with all of my heart and mind and spirit. You were such a good kitty to all of us and are one of my best friends. Thank you for placing your trust in me, for your unconditional love and for choosing to share your life with us.
Pittsboro, North CarolinaMarch 22, 2017
5/15/2007 - 3/20/2017Kicius was my Sunshine. Happy and full of energy, sweet and wise, she brought so much love and joy to my life.
I will always love you. I miss you and will never forget you!
Beata KlakChicago, IllinoisMarch 21, 2017
5/1/2007 - 3/19/2017You have a special place, Dear Lord that we know you always keep. A special place reserved for dogs, to peacefully fall asleep. A place with fluffy pillows, and a yard for hiding bacon and doggie biscuits, with a babbling creek that rushes over stones, with wide green fields and trees with squirrels jumping back and forth on the tree limbs; where a puppy named Meagan who loves to look up and wants to catch the squirrels. Lord, we know you keep this special place, for we know that
D O G spelled backwards is G O D.

So, we give you back this special puppy named Meagan. Give her the love that we gave her. Give her the strength that she might run and play again. Give her the love that we so much had for her just as your Son had for us. She will be dearly missed, Dear Lord, but Meagan can now run and romp and play in your land. Speak softly to our baby. Meagan loves for her head to be rubbed, a certain spot close to her back end to be rubbed and most important – when she rolls over, rub her tummy.
We love you Meagan, you will always be in our hearts....
Pat PettyNashville, TennesseeMarch 21, 2017
7/16/2004 - 3/15/2017"If love could have saved you, you would live forever."

Brutus, you brought us so much joy, love, and laughter. Mommy and Daddy always looked forward to getting home and racing to be the first one in the house to see you! We miss you incredibly and love you forever.
Dana PapeHUNTERSVILLE, North CarolinaMarch 21, 2017
Chal Brady
3/11/2017 - 3/21/2017We love and we'll miss you so much. We'll see you again in heaven with all those toys, steaks, and everything else that you loved. You had a wonderful life filled with happiness, tons of playtime, playing in the snow, playing with Bella and Simba, great food, traveling, and happy memories. We'll never forget you, I promise!Prospect Park, PennsylvaniaMarch 20, 2017
Raina marie
11/10/2017 - 3/18/2017My sweet baby girl was the light of my life. We gave each other unconditional love and I will miss her forever.Brianne VillanoDurham, North CarolinaMarch 20, 2017
1/16/2007 - 3/13/2017Sammy is now swimming in puppy heaven. Right to the very end he greeted every guest at the door with a bow tie on and a toy in his mouth. He wasn't tolerant of the crying bit in the end and only wanted to talk about puppy heaven. Dr. Shannon from lap of love arrived Monday afternoon and graciously waited to until everyone that was running late had the opportunity to visit with him one last time. She said she had never seen so many people at a home to say goodbye, and was surprised to learn that he had only just recently met them in our building. Sam always insisted upon walking the halls of the building until he made a new friend.

Sammy took his last shower earlier in the day even though his legs could barely hold him any longer. He had his favorite bow tie on and teddy bear alongside him when he climbed into bed with me the last time. His baby is still with him as he has never left home without him. He was also still wearing his teal bow tie when his body boarded the van. Sammy is now swimming in puppy heaven. Right to the very end he greeted every guest that stopped by to say goodbye at the door with a bow tie on and a toy in his mouth. He wasn't tolerant of the crying bit in the end and only wanted to talk about puppy heaven. Dr. Shannon from lap of love arrived at 3:30 Monday afternoon and graciously waited to begin till 5:00 as a few of our neighbors were running late with preparing for the storm. She said she had never seen so many people at a home to say goodbye. She was very surprised to learn that he had only met them in our building in April.

Earlier in the morning while I was showering I had asked who wanted to make the puppy pretty and he climbed right into the shower. Sam's legs were barely able to hold him up , but being the pretty dog was much more important to him. He picked out his favorite teal bow tie to wear one last time, and had his teddy bear as we climbed into our bed together one last time. Sammy waited for each neighbor to give him their message to relay to those they have loss.

Sam had always been told that his mommy got him at the pretty puppy store where they only sold perfect puppy dogs, and he was the prettiest and best dog the store had ever seen. I told him that when he arrives in heaven everyone would say “my that is one good looking dog.” He was also told that his great grandpa and his brother Sarge would be there waiting for him and were eager to show him the best places to swim. We all know that labs are never told they have to get out of the water in puppy heaven and they would never get tired either. He was also ecstatic to hear that they have the biggest puppy store up in heaven, and there's never a budget to be concerned by.

We each gave him one last kiss goodbye, and told him how much we loved him before the doors of the van were closed.
Sandra MillsBloomfield, New JerseyMarch 20, 2017
Fayola Rowley
4/23/2003 - 3/18/2017Fayloa was born on April 23, 2003 in Michigan. She joined our family in Pennsylvania and was loved and adored by us all for 14 years. She survived several other beloved family pets, relationships, long distance moves, cold northern winters, balmy Florida summers and more, all with the most loving temperament once could ever imagine in a human or animal. In the last 2 years of her life she began to decline due to illness. We miss her terribly but are thankful that she is no longer suffering. She is survived by Amai, Missy, Misha and Ayo (our cat).

Faye, you have moved beyond this life, but you live forever in our hearts. We love you. Amai, Missy and Misha.
Cleawater, FloridaMarch 20, 2017
05/04/2002 - 3/15/2017Here's the Eulogy my fiancé wrote about our precious baby Snorkels.

Snorkels, we miss you so much it hurts.
Adrianne JuniperSeattle, WashingtonMarch 19, 2017