Pet Memorials
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Killmo Aka Mr. Killmouseki
3/18/1998 - 3/1/2017The joy and love that you brought to me when I adopted you and your sister in 1998 only makes the pain of your passing over the bridge so much more acute. I held you in my arms and gave you one last kiss as you slipped away in my arms. Setting you free to be happy again in the comfort of your home and my arms was the only gift l had left to giver you. I miss you and always will.

I will miss how you greeted me every time I walked through the front door. I will miss the constancy of you following me everywhere I went in the house. Most of all I will miss when you would nuzzle into my shoulder as I watched late night news in bed and then as I turned out the lights feeling you moving down to my feet and lying across my legs. You stuck to me like glue. I will miss your joyous spirit and your adorable ways. There was never a person who didn't fall in love with you just a little bit. You were such a sweet and beautiful soul.

Mr. Killmo never had a mean bone in his body. He charmed the pants off of everyone. I love you forever my dear Killmo and I will miss you forever. Thank you for giving me so many years of unconditional love.

Run free with your sister my beloved Killmo.
Joan UsiakBuffalo, NYMarch 2, 2017
6/24/2004 - 2/23/2017Our sweet Lil' D oh how we miss you. You were our little "chuma" from Ybor City and we loved you so much. It was terribly hard to let you go, but let you go we must. We miss your bark alerting us of your presence. We miss your sassy way of just being you. We miss your mischievous look telling us " Hey, this is how I roll, deal with it"! I could write forever all the things we miss, but you know all this. Never seeing you flop over for a belly rub again tops Mama's list along with missing you at my feet for "mimina" time. Daddy misses helping you get in your favorite spots with your special pillows. Your sissies miss your cuddles and running in the yard together. If I could keep you forever I would but unfortunately that's not part of the deal. You were my baby Daisy and will always hold a place in my heart just for you because you were special. You made it through every obstacle life tried to throw at you until your little body couldn't fight anymore. We know we did what was right, but we've both got pieces missing from our hearts now that you've gone. Remember this Lil' D, Mama and Daddy loved you more than words can say and we miss you dearly. We hope you're at the Rainbow Bridge playing and smelling with all the other coochies. And I hope there's lots of lizards for you to hunt and watch. ❤️🐶🐾Meredith FuentesOldsmar, FloridaMarch 2, 2017
8/30/2001 - 2/28/2017My beloved Sage, my poopsie doodle, I love you so much! You were seriously the best dog ever and I will miss you so much. I have lost my shadow and the silence is deafening. You gave me so much love and comfort these past 11 years. I enjoyed our morning walks in the park as much as you did, but I don't believe I showed it as enthusiastically. You were always ready to go wherever and whenever we were going. I love how you were more interested in attention than treats. Even the obedience school teacher picked up on that. And you were always so willing to please. . . even the cat when he would take your bed or even pee on your bed. You just kinda shrugged it off. You knew you were not allowed on the sofa, but when you wanted to snuggle you would put your whole body on the sofa, except your hind legs. I love how smart you were. When we first brought you home you would nip us whenever we came home, as a way of herding us. I did not like this and encouraged you to lick instead. It didn't take long for you to run to us and just do a little lick as you passed by. I miss those. You never aged to me, and I am sorry it took me so long to realize that even in the end you were trying to please me. Trying to be the young, vibrant, full of life dog you were when we first fell in love. I am so thankful that God gave us time in the end to just spend together, with no distractions. I will always cherish those days. You're a good girl and mamma loves you!Keely LubyConestoga, PennsylvaniaMarch 2, 2017
10/01/2005 - 02/22/2017Shawdow - 10/01/2005 – 02/22/2017
11 years, 4 months and 21 days old (4,156 days)
Today we held you one last time, kissed your head and rubbed your back and said good-bye…
Pup you will forever be a part of our family whether physically here on earth or in our hearts. We feel broken at the loss of you, sweet girl but could see the cancer and pain had become too much to withstand. We may struggle to find comfort now and the coming days but hold on to the fact that you are in a better place, pain free, and full of life somewhere.

You saw us through so many life changes, it is hard to imagine life going on without you by our side. Although the sting of loss is fresh today, may our happy memories made flood our hearts and minds. I will always remember the many times. We took walks, went to the beach, played in the snow, go running through the weeds, shotgun rides in the car with the windows down, laying in bed and being by my side. The house seems so quiet and I catch myself listening for the nails clicking as you walk on the tile floor. Wanting to reach down to scruff your shaggy ears and gently rub your soft little paws. For 11 plus years you filled my life with love unlike any puppy. I mourn your loss but somehow find peace knowing that you are no longer in pain and can finally rest. You are always in my heart and entwined in a piece of my life. We love, love, love you pup with all of our hearts.
Tanner GreenBoca Raton, FloridaMarch 1, 2017
9/21/2005 - 2/18/2015Corona was an unexpected gift in our lives and because of how special he became we have continued to adopt other dogs in need. He came to us at 4 days old and we nurtured him into a beautiful dog. He was always a great source of comfort and joy through some difficult times and a cross country move. We miss him everyday but are so incredibly thankful to have had him in our lives.Mary Maiorcajacksonville, FloridaMarch 1, 2017
9/18/2008 - 2/27/2017On February 27th, our English Bulldog, Linus passed away peacefully on our laps in our home and took the journey to cross rainbow bridge.

Not a day will go by where I don't think about you or hear you or see you. You were our first dog and the best decision we have ever made. You brought so much light and joy into our lives every single day. You changed our lives by making us better people. Our house will no longer a home without you and we will miss looking down and always seeing our best friend standing right by our side looking up at us. I hope you are running free on the beach with Mitch enjoying all the sun and food and treats and naps your heart desires. Sweet dreams Linus, Linie, Hinie, Little Line, Linus your Highness, Bubz, Bubba Man, Puppy Man, Marshmallow Man, Kitten, Pup-Pup, B-Bop, Baby Boy and so on...
Kelly & Nicolas GannonPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 1, 2017
4/2/2004 - 2/28/2017It was such an honor to call you our dog. We are rejoicing in your peaceful and dignified passing and are thankful to have been able to hold you and love you as you left this earth.Melissa Espey-MuellerDallas, TexasMarch 1, 2017
11/24/2000 - 2/13/2017Maggie, you will forever be a part of our family whether physically here on earth or in our hearts. We feel broken at the loss of you, sweet girl but could see the pain had become too much to withstand. We may struggle to find comfort now and the coming days but hold on to the fact that you are in a better place, pain free, and full of life. You saw us through so many life changes, it is hard to imagine life going on without you by our side. Although the sting of loss is fresh today, may our happy memories made flood our hearts and minds. Enjoy those walks with Grandpa in heaven, running wild and free (no leash laws in heaven!) like you used to at the end of our runs, all the treats you can handle, shotgun rides in the car with the windows down, playing with all of your furry friends awaiting your arrival. We love, love, love you with all of our hearts and look forward to the day we meet again.Angela WensyelOrlando, FloridaMarch 1, 2017
8/7/2006 - 2/26/2017Max was magnificent, regal, and above all gentle. He was the very best of friends. Being with him was a soothing protective balm for our hearts. He taught us how to celebrate life's most important lessons; love without limits, forgive readily, stay together as a group, always be ready to go, eat, play, take naps, and protect your loved ones while inviting new friends to join the pack. We miss him beyond measure and reckoning but I am grateful for being able to feel the purity and immensity of this pain because that is the purity and immensity of our love. Love never really dies. It is the best of creation and the best thing we can do for each other. Max was an expert at this creation. All my life I will spend trying to live up to a fraction of what he knew how to do intuitively. Nothing really separates us but the temporary boundaries of this flesh and the arbitrary and illusory limits of ideas of time and space. We will be with you again Max and we are so grateful for every tenderness and joy you gave us with your magnificent and beautiful presence. You are the absolute best. We will love you always and forever.

In Blackwater Woods
by Mary Oliver

Look, the trees
are turning
their own bodies
into pillars

of light,
are giving off the rich
fragrance of cinnamon
and fulfillment,

the long tapers
of cattails
are bursting and floating away over
the blue shoulders

of the ponds,
and every pond,
no matter what its
name is, is

nameless now.
Every year
I have ever learned

in my lifetime
leads back to this: the fires
and the black river of loss
whose other side

is salvation,
whose meaning
none of us will ever know.
To live in this world

you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.

"In Blackwater Woods" by Mary Oliver, from American Primitive. © Back Bay Books, 1983.
Claire LeBeauSeattle, WashingtonFebruary 27, 2017
2/13/2007 - 2/17/2017Sweet Jelly Belly, you were such a good dog! Beautiful and full of life. Friendly too all people! I miss so very much taking you on your walks that you enjoyed so much! You are missed by us all!Margaret CrowderGainesville, VirginiaFebruary 27, 2017