Pet Memorials
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4/4/2012 - 2/26/2017Shadow,
You gave our family a good and happy 5 years. Ethan said that he misses you, and says that if we get another husky, he will name him shadow in your memory. He loves you buddy.
Things will be different without you here. Your fur brother misses you very badly too. He keeps looking and waiting for you to come back, and looked at me funny when we went for our "walkies" last night without you.

It's a strange not seeing you run to the fence wagging that tail when I pull into the driveway and not see you doing your twirls when I opened the door, while getting ready to go walk or outside . I know there will be a void for sometimes to come, but nothing compares to the memories you gave us while you were with us. I didn't save you, you saved me! Until we meet again Shadow man!

Love you always,
Scotty CanezaroPort Allen, LouisianaFebruary 27, 2017
10/18/2004 - 2/24/2017Lilah was more than a dog, she was an intelligent, loving spirit that anyone who met her felt immediately. She was the light of our lives and will forever be missed. No dog will ever compare to her.Taressa GeorgeClermont, FloridaFebruary 27, 2017
10/19/2014 - 2/21/2017We love & miss you so much Ans man. Your big brother Milo kitty loves & misses you too. We know now that the best thing for you was to let you go be with God. Now you can run around & you are at peace. You were here just a short time on earth. You must have been tormented in your mind. You did not mean to bite us. You didn't realize what you were doing. We forgive you. You passed peacefully & looked so beautiful. I know all the children in heaven can hug & kiss you now. You are getting all the love that I wanted to lavish on you. We will miss all the fun times & laughter that you gave us chasing Milo around. You were so good with him & let him roll around in your fur & bite your toes. Milo has been sleeping on the quilt they put over you that day you went to heaven. He misses you so. You are a beautiful fur angel now. You had such a regal look about you when you walked down the street. You walked like grandpa but were a cutie. Everyone who saw you smiled. I will miss the smelling your feet. It smelled like Fritos. You gave us lots of joy. I will miss the galloping feet of you chasing Milo around. Milo was your doll baby. You greeted John, your papa every day he came in. So cute, you would wash his head. We will always lovingly remember you & all the good times. I loved seeing you run. You looked like you were hobbling when you walked so cute. Big ball of fluff you would lay on your back & snore like crazy. I remember hearing you down the hallway at night & making noises to get you to stop as it was so loud. I couldn't sleep. Loved how you laid like a frog with you back legs out behind you.
We miss you & love you but we know it was the best for you to be free of your demons. You are in God's loving arms. Please know that we did the best we could. Never forget you big guy. You were a good boy. The best you knew how to be. I know you are running around chasing squirrels & playing with Mugsy, Sarge, Kadie & Sabrina.
Susi BoudreauxAlexandria, VirginiaFebruary 27, 2017
11/01/1998 - 2/18/2017Sweet Valentine,
We love and miss you more then we could have ever imagined. Every day we have felt a huge void with you gone.
We miss your snuggles at night when you would lay in between us or bat at the covers to let you under. Sawyer especially misses you snuggling with him when he would go to bed each night. We miss hearing you thump up the stairs to get to the bed. When the sun shines in the entryway, where you'd love to lay, I still see you....
We miss hearing your sixth claw tap against the floor when you'd walk. We miss your cute little face and your princess eyelashes. We miss you getting jealous when we'd give some attention to your brother Jimmy. We miss all your cute sounds...your purrs...
We miss how you'd let us hold you like a baby and how you'd stroke our faces. Every minute has been difficult since you got your angel wings. I've cried and cried. But in the end, "It's better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all..."
You were so loved....
Brooke MettesFort Worth, TexasFebruary 26, 2017
2/24/2017In memory of Scout...

You were the best roommate I could ever have. Eating junk food will never be the same without you. And even though you didn't make it to 18, we sure did put in a good effort. I'm glad you got to cross the Rainbow bridge on a beautiful day, exactly where you wanted to be and how I wanted you to be.

After all, a deal's a deal. Until we meet again, lady.
Crystal WSellersville, PennsylvaniaFebruary 25, 2017
10/10/2003 - 2/20/2017Ozzie you are missed beyond word can explain. However, I pray that you are running around doing your "burn outs" , sniffing & peeing where ever you want and staying outside as long as you want! I miss you and love you ! mom xoxoDonna BaerBirdsboro, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2017
3/13/2006 - 2/20/2017Ruby My Love,
Its been only a short while since my sweet girl was sent to heaven. Although it was the right thing to do, my heart is broken.
Through out our lives together, she was a very special girl for me. My life has been filled with many, many pets, and they've all had a special place in my heart, and when it was time for them to go to Heaven I knew I would be with them again someday. With Ruby, we had more of a special bond, and through out the last few months with her, knowing the day would come, I would tell her about Heaven, and seeing all her beloved siblings and how she would be so happy playing with them, enjoying her eternal life there. I would tell her that I hope she would be the one "at the gate of Heaven" to be there to open it up for me!
God Bless her, and someday we will be reunited for eternity..
Arlene ReposaLas Vegas, NevadaFebruary 23, 2017
07/05/1997 - 12/30/2016I miss you every moment, my baby girl. You were that one in a million pet that captured and connected with my heart and soul. Thank you for defying all medical odds for 7 years in the fight against kidney disease and making it to an amazing 19.5 years old. Thank you for all the nuzzles, head bumps, snuggles, cuddles and somehow knowing how to pat away the tears with your paw when I cried. Thank you for all the laughs, giggles, fun kitty games, and amazing feats of acrobatics that only a kitty can perform. Thank you for your feistiness, sassiness, and fearlessness. You will always be in my heart.Christine StephensonShelby Township, MichiganFebruary 22, 2017
7/12/2004 - 2/20/2017In Memory of Buttercup

Words can't adequately express the heartbreak of letting her go. Through the years, we get a feeling that they will always be with us, and it's gut wrenching when we realize it isn't the case. She represented comfort, and home. Even if she and I(we,) didn't interact through the day, since we all know cats sleep a good part of the day, passing her by, and just saying "Hi, Buttercup," and having her "squeak" at me, was enough. I knew she was there, and that's all I needed. She is what made our house, home.

When I opened her new catnip toy at 1AM, about a week ago, she heard the bell that was attached to it, and came down the stairs to get it, and play with it. She just had a bath, and played with it like a kitten. My husband was getting up to take a shower, and leave to fly out of Baltimore, for his job as a commercial airline pilot, and we marveled at her and her will to live, and enjoy life. It gave us both a feeling of joy, that we will treasure. He was never particularly close to her since Buttercup preferred the company of ladies, but he grew very attached at the end, from taking her to our regular vet for fluids, once a week or so, and helping me take care of her at home.

Looking at the empty bed, where she used to sleep, brings tears to my eyes. She never lost her incredible sweetness, even at the end, which made it all the harder to let her go. I struggled with it for a long time, but knew when she stopped eating and for the most part drinking, I knew she had had enough. I struggle with the very idea of ending a life, whether it be human, or animal, but the alternative, of seeing her suffer or struggle, was more than I could bear. I do carry a certain level of guilt, with ending her life, even though I know how sick she was. Forgive me, baby, I love you with all my heart, and didn't want to see this evil disease hurt you anymore. Sleep well, baby girl, and I will see you, Blackie, and Bunkie again. Groom Blackie, but if she hisses at you, stop.

07/12/04 - 02/20/17

God looked around his house and found an empty space
He then looked upon this earth, and saw your tired face
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you, the day God took you home

You crossed the Rainbow Bridge long before your time
You're missed so much our darling girl

Sleep tight until we meet again.
Hugs and Kisses
Mommy XOXO
Nancy KilkearyPowhatan, VirginiaFebruary 22, 2017
07/23/2003 - 2/21/2017For 4,920 days, I was blessed to have the best of best friends in life, my adorable little boy PeeWee. Everyone who ever met him always commented on what a sweet dog he was, especially for a Chihuahua. From the moment I saw his gigantic bobble-head teetering on his tiny little body and he cuddled under my chin, I knew that I would love him not just for the rest of his life, but for the rest of mine.

He was with me through four moves across the country and we visited 27 states together. We crossed the Rocky Mountains and drove through a tornado; not to mention all the storms, an earthquake and several blizzards we weathered together. He chased squirrels (until they chased him back), loved to lead the way on our walks and never missed a chance to let people know they were crossing HIS parking lot and should step lively.

He was silly and funny and ferocious and loveable. He was everything to me and so much more. He taught me that there is such a thing as unconditional love. He loved me and I loved him.

He was a good dog.
JoAnn PresleyFlanders, New JerseyFebruary 22, 2017